DIY China Tiles

Repurpose plates into china mosaic tiles!

How to clip tiles? You can clip plates into tiles using a hand held tile nipper tool (wear safety glasses). I use and off-set, straight jawed nipper (hand tool) to clip the plate in half by placing the nipper over the plate about 1/8″ into the plate edge and squeeze. The plate breaks in two, half of it falls down onto my work area. I nip halves into quarters and so on. I cut the china tiles down in size until they are 2″ – 1/4″ size then tumble for an hour in water (no sand) so that the tiles are finger friendly.

Breaking plates with a hamer: place the plate in a large plastic bag or cover it with a towel and tap it with a hammer a few times. Tap hard enough to break the plate without shattering it. This method tends to break the plate into pie pieces. Here’s a helpful video by Karen Silton

What to look for? I look for plates with colorful borders or color all over, avoiding thick, heavy plates as they are difficult to nip into tiles.

Where to find plates? I look in nearby thrift stores.